NFTV:Asia : After Taal volcano eruption in Philippines the situation is getting worst . Ash rain continuing including capital Manila and many organisation engaged in relief and rescue works including the Philippines military. In the meantime Communist Party of Philippines issues advisories to it’s cadres and mass organisation to in be part of the rescue operation and evacuation .
The CPP advises revolutionary mass organizations in Calabarzon to assist those affected by Taal volcano’s ash explosion.

A more dangerous eruption is also forecast, requiring for emergency response and relief preparations, including those that address the disaster’s health implications.

Civic organizations are also urged to coordinate with peasant and fisherfolk families from severely affected areas for their immediate needs. Plans for organized disaster response and mitigation by the communities may also be instituted.

Lengthy and detrimental effects of volcanic ash on crops, livestock and water supply are seen to widely affect the victims, most especially in the face of low farmgate prices and high costs of social services.

Mass organizations in Metro Manila and Central Luzon are also urged to draw up plans in urban poor and peasant communities to mitigate effects of the ash fall which has reached as far north as Zambales as reported.