NFTV:Odisha:Bhubaneswar: The state of Corona may become explosive by May 31st in Odisha said Subrat Bagchi. The number of infected people in Odisha may go up to 36,000. An estimated of 2345 people might be diagnosed positive amidst these infected people.

Government of Odisha’s Chief Spokesperson on COVID-19 Subroto Bagchi today used compelling statistics to give a detailed picture of the upcoming challenges ahead and he justified the complete lockdown of the State of Odisha.

The biggest matter of concern is as many as hundreds of individuals with Coronavirus ( COVID 19 ) symptoms identified in the state. And the hospital isolation cases are drastically increased to touch 45 on Tuesday.  

The Covid-19 positive cases in Odisha may rise to 2,345 by mid- May. And the realistic estimate is very scary. It says the total Covid-19 positive cases in the State may jump to a massive number of  36,000 peoples by May 15, says Mr Bagchi. He also appealed people of the state to take lockdown seriously.