NFTV : Odisha : Sundargarh : To prevent the spread of Coronavirus COVID-19 in the state the
Government has announced near total lockdown of 5 districts and 8 towns including Rourkela.
The 8 days lockdown is very crucial for everyone in the state. Hence Mr. Nikhil Pavan Kalyan,
Collector Sundargarh has appealed the people of Rourkela to stay at home during the entire

He thanked the public of Sundargarh district for observing the Janta Curfew on 22nd March
2020, Sunday. He thus urged the populace of the district to continue with the spirit during the
total lockdown period. Lauding the steps taken by the Prime Minister and the Chief Minister, he
said that such actions are absolutely necessary at this moment for the safety of the general

The collector informed that the public needs to avoid any nonessential travel and go out only in
case of emergencies. Travelling inside Rourkela town has been restricted except for medical
reasons and for airport and bus stand. Thus the police are alert to stop any non-important
activity in the time of lockdown.

“However, the people need not panic as the shops selling medicines, groceries, vegetables,
milk, eggs, daily needs and food items will be open. Rest other shops will remain closed for the
time being. Thus, the people are advised to limit their non essential trips outside for their own
safety”, he adds.

Not only Rourkela town but also people of the entire district need to practice social distancing
and maintain home quarantine at least till March 31st. The administration is fully prepared to
tackle all contingencies. If anyone feels the mildest symptoms of the virus, one can call on the
helpline number 104. Alternatively, all the district level contacts will keep working to ensure a
smooth lockdown and proper service delivery.
“I once again request if you find anyone in your village or town who has come from abroad,
kindly do not panic and inform the authorities immediately. We will send a medical checkup
team on the spot and if necessary we will also shift the person to one of our temporary medical
camps for observation and treatment”, assures the Collector Mr. Nikhil Pavan Kalyan.