VIDEO : Vijay Rupani CM Gujarat’s Audio Clip Goes Viral , He is Saying Our Condition Is Bad Here, Mine Is Even Worse’

NFTV doesn’t vouch for the authenticity of the audio

NFTV : Bureau : In an an audio clip of Gujarat Chief Minister Vijay Rupani went viral in social media portraying the BJP leader in a state of utter nervousness.  In the audio clip , Vijay Rupani is saying that the party’s condition in this assembly elections was extremely bad and his own situation is even more worse . He is telling  one person named  Naresh Sangeetam that  Narendra bhai had called him and reminded me how he had made him the chief minister even though the population of Jains in the state was only 5% in the state of Gujarat .

English version of conversation between Viajy Rupani and Naresh Sangeetam 

Naresh: Yes sir, yes sir.

Vijay Rupani :  One minute, I’ve received an important call.

Naresh : Yes sir. Jai Jinendra

Vijay Rupani: Namaskar, Jai Jinendra, Naresh bhai, not only do we have to fight, we have to reclaim our form. Don’t forget there’s only one Jain CM in the entire country. 

Naresh : Correct

Vijay Rupani : I had just received a call from Narendra bhai. He said the population of Jain is not even 5% and yet ‘I’ve made you a chief minister.’ The Jains agree in Surendranagar or not?

Vijay Rupani: Our situation is very bad. My situation  is even worse.

Naresh : We will not let your situation get worse. We will fully support you. 


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