VIDEO : Finding no conveyance, Pregnant woman carried in sling,gave birth a dead baby in Rayagada , Odisha

NFTV  : Odisha : Amjad Badshah : Hilly terrain and no road connectivity. Despite repeated calls ambulance didn’t come. So finally pregnant woman carried in a sling risking life of safe motherhood. This sorts of incidents are cropping up time and again in a state like Odisha.
The fresh being a shocking incidence from Rayagarha district’s Parsali panchayat in Niyamgiri hill region of the state. One Alem Sikaka,the pregnant woman,complained of labour pain on Tuesday morning and finding no conveyance in the hilly tracks of Niyamgiri,the family members decided to take the woman in a sling made from blanket. And taken hanging in sling for four kilometers and crossed the knee deep water. Later the woman was carried in a pickup van upto the Kalyansinghpur community health centre as ambulance was not available.
But shockingly all the efforts of the family members went in vein as the woman gave birth to a dead baby girl. If timely health care could have been provided to the pregnant woman,her delivery would be safer. Now the the health condition of the woman seem to be critical says health centre sources.


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