The great odisha terrorist drama has finally ended

    The great odisha terrorist drama has finally ended and of course not by the odisha police but andhra police. I don’t know what to say? For national media, india means UP, bihar, Delhi and 1 or 2 more. I doubt if they are aware about odisha and 7 north eastern states. If something happens here, some channel on Mars will broadcast it but not the great indian media circus. On January 25 night, the odia media broke the storey that 4 suspected ISIS terrorists are in Bhubaneswar. They first said that the car they are travelling on is Ford icon with registration no. DL 4C ****. Later on it was found that it was a Toyota corolla with registration no. DL 6C****. Hotel management informed about these irani citizens immediately. What action was taken by the police? These people very comfortably crossed odisha border and reached andhra where they all were arrested. Finally the outcome was that they were 5 people…. 3 men and 2 women. Embassy of Iran confirmed that they were tourists. And well, this is the best part of the story that they were tourists. Now let us suppose that they were not tourists but ISIS terrorists. At 9 pm hotel informed the police. What action was taken by the police in next 3 hours? Those people would have killed hundreds of people between Bhubaneswar to andhra border. It is also said that mobile of a top cop was also switched off. If the alert was immediately sounded then why was there no police on any toll gates or police check post? Was police more interested in giving them safe passage to cross odisha border and transfer their headache to andhra police? Is odisha police not yet ready to handle emerging dangers of ISIS terrorists? Was tea party at raj bhawan on January 26 more important than the lives of innocent people? Why were they avoiding briefings to media? Was the situation not under their control or they themselves were not aware about the developments? The situation is alarming now. Dear odisha police, please wake up now. IB has inputs that ISIS is trying to have arrangements with naxalites. State like odisha will be their soft target. We have to prepare ourselves to eradicate such threats. There will be no place for mistakes in future. Thank Mahaprabhu Jagannath that they were mere tourists otherwise the story would have been different.
 Brijendra Singh
 Chandapur Palace , Rae Bareily ,

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