The Brave Heart Driver of Amarnath Bus Shaikh Salim Gafoor who drove the bus under heavy firing and saved more than 50 pilgrims

NFTV : Bureau : Yesterday during the attack the brave heart driver Amarnath Pilgrims Shaikh Salim Gafoor who drove the bus under heavy fire by terrorists . Salim told reporters that God gave him the strength to keep driving despite the firing. “Firing was going on from all sides, so I kept driving and did not stop,” he said. “God gave me the strength to keep moving… I just did not stop anywhere.” Had Saleem stopped or panicked, more lives would have been lost, believe those who survived the attack. Even a shattered windshield didn’t slow him down. 

“My driver was so brave…he drove on,” said an injured woman at the Anantnag district hospital. “There was firing from all three sides. Our driver managed to take the bus a few km ahead. He saved us,” said another injured pilgrim.

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