Ruling BJD Backed Self Proclaimed Godman Sarathi .

NFTV : SAMBALPUR : ANANDA MOHAPATRA : Look at the picture below , Its well evident from the picture that the Fraud Sarathi, self declared God of Odisha is promoted to cheat & exploit People of Odisha for last 15 years because of the presence of 9 (nine) MLAs & Ministers of Ruling BJD Govt . The MLA those who present there in this image are Ramesh Chanda Chyu Pattnaik , Rabinarayan Pani , Parsuram Panigrahi ,Dr Shipra Mallik ,Rajendra Kumar Sahu , Devendra Kahanr , Alekh Kumar Jena , Sanjeev Pradhan and Siddharth Sekhar Singh of BJD . People noticed the presence of Ruling BJD’s Leaders at the foot of Fraud Sarathi which constrained them to follow the later. Not only this, the self declared God SARATHI wins over the confidence of People by his promotional fraud speech as aired continuously by Parthana TV Channel owned by the spouse of BJD MP (Lok Sabha) from Kendrapara Mr. Baijayant ‘Jay’ Panda wherein the fraud Sarathi’s Ashram is situated. If this is fact, then how could we allege People that they are foolish to sit at the foot of such fraud Baba !!! Is not the Truth that people have been made foolish in direct patronage of Govt.

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