RSS false propaganda against Kerala .

Article By – Roshind Vp

There are many hoax created by the ruling party of India against those states where BJP is not in government and Kerala is one of the states where BJP is not in government and where its mother organisation RSS facing the mighty communist resistance so hoax and false propaganda is legitimate lets go and busts those false propaganda of RSS.

1.Kerala is a jihadi state


Kerala is predominantly governed by two major political parties- congress and CPIM . There are isolated incidents of Islamic extremism from Muslim fundamental groups, but it can be considered trivial in comparison to the terror unleashed by RSS.

2.In Kerala Hindus are a minority

Hindu constitute 54%, Muslims -27% and Christians -18%

3. Communists and muslims are engaged in murder of hindus

Majority of the communists are from the hindu community, Hinduism being the major religion in the state. Political murders in Kannur are committed by both sides (cpim and rss) alike. Rss recently slayed 3 people in the state other than for political rancor.

4. Hindus are barred from buying land in Malappuram

I myself am from Malappuram and there is no such prohibition that I’m aware of. Malappuram is a peaceful region with a majority of Muslim population. Recently RSS killed one person who converted to Islam ,but no violent protest or mob attacks were reported in retaliation to this incident.

5. Hindus are not allowed to open their shops in Malappuram during ramzan

Reality ?
Another lie with no facts or proof to substantiate it. Usually faith abiding Muslims close their shops (hotels only) voluntarily during Ramadan as stipulated in their religion. So far I have never witnessed or heard about any Hindu shop owners being forced to shut down their shops. Quite the contrary, hindu hotel owners are widely seen to open more outlets during the season for workers and others who are not fasting, and for the record this includes muslims too.

6 . RSS is known to use fake photos and videos to denigrate the spirit of Kerala.

Rss is spearheading a fake news campaign against CPIM, as the party is accused of murdering a member of the Hindu community. It is quite ironic that Rajeev Chandrasekhar used the pictures of bjp RSS violence as fictitious attacks by CPIM . Now Bjp Kerala President has also been booked for circulating a false video.

7. Kerala muslims are getting rich by only means of fake currencies and hawala

Reality? Yes hawala is a major issue in kerala, but to allege that on every member of that community in the state is a gross baseless generalization without any supporting ground and is very clearly a sanghi propaganda. It is a fact that a few Malayalees (belonging to all religions) working in the middle east countries do use hawala for money transfer to the home state. Many of the businesses in these countries are run by Malayalees from the Malabar region. At least one in every family from this region is laboring away in these oil rich ‘Gulf’ countries. It has helped not only their families overcome poverty, but has also boosted the kerala economy and hence indirectly contributed the developmental activities in the state.

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