Mild Tremor in Odisha and Various Part of India

NFTV : INDIA DESK : Mild Tremor in Bhubaneswar and Various Part of India . the duration of the quake was about 60 seconds at some places.The tremor struck twice in quick succession. While the first tremor was of less intensity, the second tremor which struck about five minutes later was relatively stronger.In Capital of Odisha Bhubaneswar, people staying in apartments and buildings ran out of their houses in fear. Employees working in offices came out of the building as soon as they felt the tremor.While some found the buildings swaying, others saw the furniture shaking only to realise seconds later that it was an earthquake. As soon as the realization dawned, people started to run out of their homes ,there was no loss of life in any parts of the state, there were reports that cracks have appeared in some houses and buildings in these areas. The Meteorological Centre, Bhubaneswar said the intensity of the quake in Odisha was 2 in the Ritcher Scale.

The quake reads 7.5 magnitude on Richter scale. The intensity was felt mostly in Bihar, West Bengal, UP, Delhi and NCR regions. According to report 2 people are died in Darbhanga Of Bihar .

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