Indian cow and the Poli – Tricks

Indian cow and the Poli – Tricks : By Roy Denials 




Two substances, and the people who sell them are being demonised in India, the alcohol vendor and the meat seller, and both appear to have so little goodwill in society that they are unable to rise to the occasion and make a fight of it. Right off the top let me predict that the number of deaths in gruesome accidents on our highways will continue to rise, even after the new rules on the location of shops 500 meters away from highways. That’s because people will now drink, if they have to, in their vehicles, or at home, before they start their journeys. Also, instead of doing it in a leisurely manner in a bar or shop, they will bolt it down, and so get a more uncontrollable high, much faster.

A meat seller in Agra told me that if the rule books for the sale of fruit or vegetables were dusted up and read, many of the shops that sell them would have to shut down. Also, most of the medical clinics in the state would have to shut their doors because they would not be able to fulfill the stringent rules required to do business.

Permissions for meat shops are required galore, from gram panchayats, civic bodies, circle officers, FSDA, government doctors, veterinarians, and several others. 17 main rules have to be followed, and several others. These may have been required even before, but now, with heightened attention, the “authorities” will become both domineering and greedy.

Also, in a state, where, if you throw a stone you will hit a religious place, to be 100 yards away from one, is not an easy trick. Even in the days when Nepal was a Hindu Rashtra it did not try and enforce this law with meat, booze shops, or casinos. Plus, say I want to evict a meat vendor because I fancy his property, all I have to do is establish a place of prayer somewhere on the road behind his shop, and that’s that.

One law also states that meat shops should have curtains or tinted glass to hide the meat from pedestrians and non meat eaters. Which means buyers will now have to enter and exit shops until they are satisfied with the meat on display. UP accounts for more than half of India’s $ 5 billion buffalo meat exports, demonising the meat industry is costing the state big bucks. Also, as Swami points out, add Rs 27,000 crore for the farm loan waiver, and thousands of crores for Goshalas for old cows and where’s the money left for development?

On the matter of alcohol, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh and Chandigarh, all run by the BJP have denotified their highways so they will not have to shut liquor shops along these roads. With meat, the owners and clients of these shops are perceived to be Muslims, Christians and Dalits, so who gives a damn.

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