Fake Adivasi grabbed the land of a real Adivasi in industrial town Jharsuguda , Odisha

NFTV (Investigative) : Odisha : Jharsuguda: Even when the law prohibits selling or transfer of tribal land to non-tribals, many, individuals are still buying tribal land with forged caste documents in connivance with the officials of revenue department . One such land grabbing of Adivasi land has come up in public light in industrial town Jharsuguda of Odisha,where one General Category person has managed to buy one plot measuring 30 decimils with forged caste declaration. This forged documented buying of tribal land of Khata Number 53 with Plot number 175 of Beherapat Mouza had been done on 5th of December in 1997 by one Dhirendra Kumar Jena of stating himself a resident of Ekatali village. Although this very surname Jena comes under Khandayat- General Category caste ,but he managed to forged the caste document and projected him as tribal and could buy a costly land near National Highway with a meagre sum of 19,500 rupees that too on paper without paying a single rupee to the seller aginst the purchase of the said plot . As the original land belonged to the joint ownership with Jeherulal Pradhan,Mathura Pradhan,Gopabandhu Pradhan,Rajendra Pradhan and Parikhit Pradhan had not got the cost for the sold land from the buyer’s end. They had complained before the Sub Rgistrar office on 29th of October in 1998 but there was no response from the office that time. Later on the address of residence mentioned in the sell deed of by the buyer Dhirendra Kumar Jena,now found to be a fase one. So both the fake caste declaring document along with wrong address mentioned in the sale deed are a clear case of cheating with a criminal offence. Reacting on this issue of Adivasi land grabbing, the District Collector of Jharsuguda Bibhuti Bhushan Pattanaik has said that the fake Adivasi who had land grabbed the land of an innocent and poor Adivasi, won’t be spared. Collector further said if well documented complaints regarding transfer and land grabbing of Adivasi land issues comes to his office,he will definitely take action against those land mafias. He expressed his concern over the Adivasi land grabbing incidents, The documents received at NFTV suggests that there is one serious land raket actively working in industrial town Jharsuguda.

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