Death of Humanity : Denied Mortuary van , Husband shoulders wife’s dead body up to 10 K M

NFTV  : Odisha : Sajjad Badshah :  In India tribal and backward people are always neglected by the system from the the time of British rule and after the freedom also , but in  Kalahandi of Odisha the inhumanity crosses all its limits . Daana Majhi,  a tribal man and resident of Melagahara village in Kalahandi’s Thuamul Rampur block, was left with no option but to carry his wife Amanga Dei Majhi, dead body on his shoulders when the district administration denied to provide him an mortuary van . Tuberculosis patient Amanga died on Wednesday at the district headquarters hospital in Bhawanipatna town of Kalahandi, which is 60km from his village .

 Collector and Sub Collector Kalahandi said Daana had brought his ailing wife to the district headquarters hospital yesterday as her condition had deteriorated. By evening she turned critical and died after midnight. Daana was informed about his wife’s death around 1am today .

Daana said: “I pleaded with the hospital authorities to arrange for a vehicle or an ambulance to carry the body. But as no one came forward to help me, I decided to carry the body on my shoulder to the village for cremation. Daana set out on his journey with the body of his wife on his shoulder. He had for company the eldest among his three daughters,   14021667_10154618553674059_8146956524472993086_n

Around 9.30am and 10 km away from Bhawanipatna , a few villagers of Sagada, a tiny roadside  village, came to his rescue when they saw Daana Majhi struggling to maintain balance with the corpse on his shoulder. and the villagers of Sagada called few media persons of Kalahandi after that journalists arranged the ambulance to take the dead body to the village of Dana Majhi .

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