BJP’s Dalit Love The Truth Versus Myth

Article by : Arjun Cherian Kovoor 

“Ram Nath Kovind of the BJP has been nominated for President by the Centre.

Dalits Kill and beat up Dalits on a daily basis. Uphold the Manusmriti that makes them untouchables. Target Dalit and other marginalised communities in every space they occupy. Make it near to impossible for them to live decently. Ban beef. Kill Rohith Vemula. Beat up in Una. Cut funding. Gau Raksha vigilantism. Target Bhim Army. Target every single Dalit group either by using institutional powers or by letting the Sangh’s private Militia have a free run. Distribute shampoos and soaps to Dalits before letting them near the Savarna and pure CM.

Then nominate a Dalit for the job of President. Representation of the marginalised communities in the upper echelons of administration is certainly a priority. This however is nothing but tokenism. When the day to day lives of Dalits and other marginalised communities are adversely affected by vigilantism and government policy, this move is not going to help anyone, except the 9pm news warriors. It will also be used to make the ruling party seem committed to social justice. Pathetic.

This is going to help you win 2019? See it for what it is.

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