Are we not strong enough to retaliate ?


Article by : Alok Kumar 

Senior Journalist and Analyst 

Patna , Bihar 


On the issue of terrorism even this BJP led govt. is not different from the previous UPAgovt. . In spite of tall claims this govt. also miserably failed in curbing anti-national activities.India should take a strong stand and let go of its image of being a soft state. Terror incidents have increased manifold after Modi Government came into power. People , leaving in border areas of Jammu – Kashmir & Punjab , have started migrating to the safer areas, but NDA Government has failed to provide relief to the people and take appropriate measures to curb terror attacks. Talks and terror can’t go together but now, it seems that Modi govt. itself is confused on its foreign policy viz-a-viz Pakistan. ModiGovt is unable to take any hard decision and protect the innocent civilians falling to the bullets of Pakistan sponsored terrorists


There is no harm breaking diplomatic ties with Pakistan. It’s much better to have no relationship with such country than a disguised one. Now it’s high time to understand the gravity of situation that’s Gandhian attitude isn’t going to win the Pakistani’s heart .


In 69 years of our independence, Pakistan has given innumerable proofs that it doesn’t deserve the friendship of India. So Indian government should retaliate strongly .Now its high time to do what needs to be done. End up all relations with them because good & healthy relations cannot be established on pile of dead bodies of valiant soldiers and innocent civilians . Sponsored terrorism is constantly being used by Pakistan to as the main instrument to destabilize and weaken India. Most armed and terror groups depend directly on the assistance of Pakistani govt. , Pakistani agency ISI and army for training , safe houses & passages and financial and logistic support ; it is not possible to counter Pakistan supported terrorism effectively without severing the link between these groups and their sponsors in Pakistan. India has yet to formulate an effective policy to get over this problem . Recent terror attacks on armed forces establishments in India clearly indicates that Pakistan will continue to assist trans-border terrorism regardless of the peace processes.


Now it becomes necessary to take rigorous action. India should make inroads in its border and infiltration issues and invade Pakistan before it gets too late. It’s better to go for a big fight rather than these skirmishes and ceasefire violations intermittently by Pakistani army & ISI sponsored terror attacks and not to mention civilian casualty claimed in this process too. The time has come for India to take bold decision and change its policies toward Pakistan. Don’t know why Indian government and its policies are so flexible for Pakistan ? Are we not strong enough to take four lives if they took two ?

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