A Day After Torching Pest-Affected Crops, Farmer Consumed Poison At Home And Fell Down Near Live TV Camera; OB Van Took The Farmer To Hospital But Died On Way To Hospital

NFTV : Odisha : Bargarh : Report – Amjad Badshah :  In an unfortunate sequel of farmer distress and subsequent suicides, Bargarh district which is known as rice bowl of Odisha,has witnessed another farmer suicide on Wednesday morning at Kalapani in the district and that too in front of live television camera.

According to the local people of Kalapani,the deseased farmer Brunda Sahu had torched his pest-affected crops on Tuesday to prevent further attack of pest. And on Wednesday morning,while one of the regional news channel had reached at the village with live OB van for the follow up coverage of the post scenario of torching of the maize crops incident. But shockingly, the farmer had fell down near live camera team of a regional television channel. The OB van which was there for live had brought the farmer to Bargarh hospital without waiting for the ambulance. But he died on way to hospital before arriving.

According to the fellow farmers,the pesticides supplied by the government was of substandard quality which is the central to the cause of damaging of crops.

Agriculture Minister Damodar Rout has directed departmental secretary to conduct a field inquiry. While, after the on the spot field inquiry, Bargarh Tahsildar incharge has given an immediate compensation of rupees 10 thousand from Red Cross and another Rs 2000 under Harishandra Yojna for his funeral.

Brunda Sahu is the third farmer suicide victim in a span of last seven days in the district of Bargarh. While state government has always been in the habit of denying the fact that the farmer are committing suicide because of loan and distress. Now it is to be seen whether the state Odisha of govrnment is accepting it to be a case of suicide or not.

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